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Remote Mixing Services


  • After you have finished recording a song, upload all the tracks as Wav files via (drop box or Wetransfer) to raedileo@gmail.com. Also, please send a rough mix. Please make sure they are all starting from bar1 beat 1 (also follow this guideline for exporting stems).

  • If there are any effects in your session that you really like and would like to keep, export the track before bypassing all the effects. You can also send me a dry stem as well, if you like.

  • After I have checked all the files, I will get in touch with you to discuss the mix. It is important to understand your vision which is why I would like to review song with you on a phone call, and also a rough mix is helpful for me to hear where you are going with track.


  • My timeline is usually 3-4 days for each completed mix. Once you have had time to review mix, I will allow up to 3 recalls at no cost to you.
  • Once you approve, I will send you a printed mix @ 96k/24bit and 44.1k/24bit. I will also include: instrumental mix, acapella mix and stems (per client request).


Mixing Fees - $175/Song

(package rates available for full length record)

Included in fee:

1. Vocal Tuning if necessary

2. Track edits if necessary

3. Up to 3 Recalls per song.

4. Deliver 96k/24 bit file and 44.1k/24bit file (final mix).

5. Instrumental Mix/ Acapella Mix / Stems If Requested.