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Richard Bishop, Red Light Management

"I have worked with Rae many times over the last 15 years, he is talented, professional, and extremely well organized."

Kenny Scott, Swirl 360

"If you are looking for a great quality smothered in professionalism, Rae Dileo is your guy. He is a very talented Mixer/Producer with a huge amount of experience. He is your go to guy."

Peter Lacy, HWR

"Rae provided the "Heroes Wear Red" project with professional, detailed and fantastic input through his mixing work on the album that we were able to place three singles on national radio in South Africa. Prior to his involvement the project had stagnated. Thank you Rae."

Peter Lacy, HWR

Mitch Marlow, Guitarist-Filter

"Rae's programming is one of my favorite things about playing in Filter. When I play live I always have Rae's tracks louder than my guitar in my ears. They are the subtle sounds that give the songs their life."

Kellii Scott, Drummer

"One of the best most creative times I ever had was working with Rae on Veruca IV.. he's diplomatic, creative,and super talented at what he does..Super fun and a joy to work with..I love that guy."

Nick Saya, Producer/Songwriter

"Rae's work speaks for it's self. He is a stellar mix engineer! any one looking should consider Rae as a mixer you won't be disappointed."

More Testimonials

Chad Wilson Bailey

I have completed 2 albums with Rae and could not be happier with the results. As an independent artist with zero financial backing, no manager, no network or team to support me in my en devours, Rae is indispensable. His knowledge and industry experience is priceless. He goes far beyond just being a producer or mix engineer on your record. If you are starting a new album and want one of the BEST in the industry then contact Rae.